Nuestras prendas no están influenciadas por otros vestidos.

Todo empieza con una inspiración; un paisaje, una canción, una película, una flor...

Each design begins with a hand-drawn sketch that develops into a traditionally crafted pattern.

We test each garment and make all the necessary changes to ensure the highest level of comfort and fit.

We produce 100% in Spain. Remember! Artisan work is out of mass production.

Most of the prints are their own. We like to have unique, trendy and thoughtful things.

Flower fabrics; large, small, modern or romantic are never lacking in our collections.

Details are part of the brand.

Designed with much love and applied to our garments to finish giving them our identity. We hope that through our garments you see fashion in a more romantic way.

El valor de algo es el resultado del trabajo.

Entra en el mundo Maggie Sweet donde el cariño es un sentimiento verdadero.